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Wholesalers of Ceramic Tiles & Vinyl

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*    We are not responsible for Goods in Transit, either as senders or receivers. Unless otherwise specified all cargo from our store is consigned on “Freight On” basis, and all accounts are payable by receiver. We are not responsible should the receiver fail to pay accounts to Carriers.

*    Claims for short supply or incorrect supply etc must be placed within 24 hours of delivery.

*    Credit will be given on the following conditions:
a)    Invoice No: of purchase must be quoted.
b)   Tiles are in saleable condition. Wall & Floor tiles will only be accepted in unopened original case. No tiles that have been soaked in       
       water can be accepted.
c)    Tiles must be of current stock and match in shade to stock on hand.
d)    Tiles must be returned within 7 days of delivery.
e)    Any freight into our store is the responsibility of the customer. Credit will be issued at the purchase price less 15% for handling costs.
f)    No credit will be allowed on Commercial quality tiles, specials or goods that have had to be “bought in” from another merchant or   

*    Tiles are not guaranteed against crazing, any guarantee is to the extent of that given by individual manufacturer.
*    Tiles will be sold in full boxes only excluding mosaics & special pieces
*    All goods to be inspected before fixing.
*    No claims in respect of variation in shade can be entertained after tiles have been fixed.
*    Overdue accounts will be on “Stop Supply” until such time as account is within Trading Terms. Repeated failure to meet agreed trading terms would result in the withdrawal of Credit facilities.
*    Wall tiles supplied with “on-line” border and décor must be purchased in ratio (i.e.: 15% border and 2% décor). Check our stock ratio before placing order.
*    Legal title to all product sold shall not pass from Olympic Tiles Pty Limited to the Applicant until such time as payment in full is received and the products shall at all times be at the Applicants risk.
*    Until such time as products have been paid for in full, the Applicant hereby grants a license to Servants or Agents or Officers of Olympic Tiles Pty Limited to enter the premises of the Applicant for the purpose of recovery of all product for which full payment has not been made.
*    In the event of the sale of the product by the Applicant to a third party prior to payment thereof, the Applicant hereby acknowledges and agrees that such sale shall be made by the Applicant as agent for Olympic Tiles Pty Limited and the proceeds of sale shall belong to and be the property of and shall be held in trust for Olympic tiles Pty Limited.

*    Fixing of the product constitutes acceptance of the product

*    We cannot accept any claim once the material is laid.

*    Olympic tiles Pty Ltd reserves the right to restrict the supply of certain products although they may appear on Price and Stock lists.

*    Tiles are natural materials and have to be accepted with their natural variations in colour and veins from tile to tile.

*    Vitrified tiles have tolerance and must be accepted with their natural variations in sizes and colour from tile to tile.

*    We recommend all polished porcelain and unglazed tiles/porcelain be sealed.

*    Optical Hazing is an inherent characteristic of Polished Porcelain and as such claims for optical hazing will not be entertained.

*    Samples submitted are only representation of the product. Delivered products may vary from samples and showroom displays.

*    All ceramic tiles can become slippery when wet. Liability will not be accepted for accidents due to inappropriate tile selection.

*    Slip rating are only given as an “Indication Only”. It is the responsibility of the end user to carry out appropriate and updated testing for the tiles intended use.

*    Metallic Finish Tiles: Care must be taken when fixing to ensure any adhesive is removed from the tile surface before it hardens. This should be done using a sponge and clean water. On no account should wall tile grouts containing coarse fillers be used. After grouting, the tiles should be cleaned with a sponge and clean water only. Abrasive agents, acids, alkalis and detergents should not be used. Complaints will not be accepted after decorated tiles are fixed.


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